Lottery powerball winner numbers


Lottery math formula that is producing multiple winners

Let’s say you won $842,152 playing Mega Money like Richard Lustig did?

Would you quit your job tomorrow?

Would you buy your dream home, a new sports car or travel the world?


Whatever you would do with the money, one thing for sure, winning the lottery would change your life.

Richard Lustig has experienced this more than once. He’s won 7 Lottery Grand Prizes plus two million dollars in cash plus a bundle of prizes.

So, you want to know how did he do it? How can i win the lottery?

Before I go any further, I want you to know that Richard was not the first multiple lottery winner. There have been numerous multiple lottery winners who have won three, four and five times.Lottery Math Formula - Formula to Predict Lottery Numbers

So, why is it that these people have won the lottery numerous times, while the majority never seem to ever win?  What do these lottery winners have in common?

Are these cases just a mere coincidence or do they know something the rest of us don’t know. Do they hold the secret to a lottery combinations formula, a formula to predict lottery numbers?

Well, let’s look closer at who these lucky multiple winners are.

The five-time winner was a math professor and the four-time winner was a Stanford Statistics professor.

Now, could it really be a coincidence that a guy with a PhD in Mathematics and a girl with a PhD in Statistics become multiple winners? How did these people beat the 14,00000 to 1 odds of winning the lottery?

It’s now been revealed a simple mathematical strategy was used to help them to increase their chances to win, not just once but, multiple times. They used mathematics to work out a lottery combinations formula to predict lottery numbers or at least to give them a better chance to win.



Now let’s get back to Richard Lustig, the seven-time lotto winner.

Upon hearing about these multiple winners, Richard thought it seemed odd that this was going on…the fact there was just a small group from all round the globe who could have this much luck.

Now Richard just happens to be a total math nut and decided to put his skills to effective use. He got to work and started crunching numbers like a man possessed.

He noted the winning patterns and the numbers these multiple winners had chosen, and messed around with them, adding vital components and a couple extra values of probability that he believed would increase the odds of winning the lottery even more. Richard was determined to crack the lottery combinations formula and prove there is a mathematical formula for winning the lottery. odds of winning the lottery

And then… Suddenly it happened…

He was testing one of the hundreds of formula variations he was developing, and used it to calculate the numbers for the latest Fantasy 5 Draw.

As usual, he went online and checked winning numbers, but what he saw the results this time just blew him away…

The method he’d been working on all this time, had accurately forecast every number… all five of them.

Now this could have been a coincidence, so he had to just keep testing his lottery math formula just to be sure.


This time he purchased tickets for numerous different popular lotto games…

and BOOM, it happened again…

And a shortly after that, BOOM again..


 Formula to Predict Lottery Numbers

Richard had perfected his mathematical formula for winning the lottery and has used it to win seven times. But this is not a formula to predict lottery numbers but rather a lottery math formula to help you increase your chances of winning, it puts the odds of winning the lottery in your favor.

If you want to learn a lot more about Richard and his lotto winning formula secret click here to read the full story.

So, what is this lottery math formula and how does it work?

Well first off, don’t expect it to automatically select lottery Powerball winning numbers the first time you use it. It’s not a tool that accurately predicts winning lottery numbers. But it will increase your chances of winning.

To answer your question, how can i win the lottery? first there’s a few things you need to understand. This mathematical strategy is immensely powerful and using it in its basic form when selecting your numbers can dramatically reduce the odds from 14 million to 1 to half a million to 1.  And when you apply the full science of this lotto mathematical system the odds get reduced considerably more. But is is not a guaranteed method to  winning the lottery. But if you want to stand a better chance to choosing those lottery Powerball winning numbers you should at least read what Richard Lustig has to say. This will dramatically change the odds of winning the lottery in your direction.

To learn more about Richard Lustig’s lotto winning formula secret click here to visit his website.